Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hutton Shmutton

Today the much anticipated Hutton Report was released in the UK. Surprise, surprise the Blair government was cleared on any under-handed dealings in the release of Dr Kelly's name to the activity which ultimately applied sufficient public pressure upon Kelly that he took his own life. In addition, the government was cleared of falsifying evidence that WMD existed in Iraq when they produced their so-called dodgy dossier. Blair declared grinning like a cherub that “The allegation that I or anyone else lied to this House or deliberately misled the country by falsifying intelligence on WMD is itself the real lie". despite no WMD and several thousand Iraqi civilian deaths...Blair's hands are clean...all we know now is that he apparently did not deliberately mislead the British public. All I can conclude is that Britain must have accidentally gone to war then? Now there is a first...

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