Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Gadget Man

Since I always publish fairly serious things on my blog, decided today to post something somewhat more silly...a brief email discussion between a friend and I regarding the purchase of a new digital diary....

DB: I am about to buy a new personal organiser. I little bird told me you have just done the same. Any advice gadget man?
BH: I have been in the market for about two months and finally decided on one. Perhaps I should give you a demo of the one I bought, Palm Tungsten C. But let us talk, as I have been shopping since my birthday in September and only settled now.
DB: My last one broke last week. I had been looking at a T3 or Tungsten C. This is all very exciting. Let me know if you have a few moments in Belfast in the next few days.
BH: I will be around Friday. I am in love with my Tungsten C - but don't tell H.
DB: Looked at the TC and the T3…both at the same price on Amazon…how do I choose? The T3 looks like it might be better suited for a Friend of Gadget Man rather than Gadget Man himself. And what the hell is Blue Tooth?
BH: Yes, would be odd for Gadget Man and Friend of Gadget Man to have the same weapon. By having different weapons if we were ever in a situation you could use your bluetooth and I could use my wifi and we would have all bases covered. I will reveal more on Friday, i.e. what is bluetooth and wifi, the advantages of each in different areas of combat.
DB: Good…I feel the world will be a safer place once we have our new weapons … would the US and UK have invaded Iraq had they known we could down load word files on our handheld weapons?…one worry however…will we have to wear our pants outside our tights?

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