Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Consultation on Northern Ireland Truth Process

That said, in Northern Ireland it now looks like a consultation process is going to start as to how to deal with the past, and the Minister is off to South Africa. A see BBC article on the subject begins: "A visit by the Northern Ireland secretary to South Africa will coincide with the beginning of a consultation process on how best to deal with the province's violent past. Paul Murphy is to meet senior figures in Capetown and Pretoria to hear their views on the country's Truth and Reconciliation process. Victims Minister Angela Smith is also expected to be fully involved in the process which begins at the end of May. The steps to be taken over the next few weeks will be the first in a very long process. Mr Murphy is expected to tell parliament how the government intends to handle the consultation process shortly before he travels to South Africa. That statement is expected in the final week of this month".

So its all going to get interesting now...although I suspect it will drag on for some time.

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