Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Platform for Change debating Haass Talks

On 25 November 2013, Platform for Change hosted a public talk in Belfast focused on the current Haass Talks. Speakers included Lesley Carroll; Dominic Bryan; Peter Osborne; Brandon Hamber; Maureen Hetherington and Chaired by Trevor Ringland. Below is a Storify record of the event, including a summary article, the audio and a selected Tweet record.
  1. Summary of the Event published on Slugger O'Toole
  2. Audio of the Event captured by @alaninbelfast

  3. Tweet Record (Selected)
  4.  #haassp4c In his introduction @trevor4change quoting from Blackadder "It was too much effort not to have a war"
  5. #haassp4c The panel at tonight's @platform4change discussion panel around the Haass talks/agenda pic.twitter.com/BGuMSzozya
  6.  @ianjamesparsley: Rev Lesley Carroll (Presbyterian) speaking now at #haassp4c” I'm an atheist, but I do like @Fmpcrevlesley
  7.  Hamber suggests asking not if light at end of tunnel, but why there is no tunnel. #haassp4c
  8.  Young men put flags up; people regard them as paramilitary markers. So concludes @Domsball #haassp4c
  9.  #haassp4c Last 2 speakers - @Domsball & @PeterOsborne_ - have both questioned culture being under attack when number of parades is on the up
  10. #haassp4c a centralised mechanism to deal with the Past seems to be coming.
  11.  Hamber suggests reasons: scared of having own perceptions challenged; all fear truth (various reasons). #haassp4c
  12.  Maureen Hetherington, community relations practitioner from Derry, up next. Notes 1998 Agreement's wheels coming off.#haassp4c
  13.  Calling in Haass at all demonstrates political process failed due to institutionalisation of sectarianism, claims Hetherington.#haassp4c
  14.  #haassp4c Last 2 speakers - @Domsball & @PeterOsborne_ - have both questioned culture being under attack when number of parades is on the up
  15. #haassp4c Maureen Hetherington responds to flag protest Q & refers to a spirit of generosity in Derry this year as party of Culture year
  16.  Now question on getting more women involved in the Haass consultations #haassp4c
  17.  #haassp4c Speaker notes the need to challenge patriarchy to progress to a truly shared society. So true.
  18.  Latest: A spirited discussion about issues on @RichardHaassagenda at @platform4change's #haassp4c  http://bit.ly/1bQngmS 

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